Using Online Classes to Improve Your Career

Using Online Classes to Improve Your Career

masers degree online improves career

Completing your degree through an online college can be a great way to moving up in your career.  It is not necessary to quit work while you attend a full time class load or take classes at a local night school.  Online classes will give you the benefit of working at a speed that is right for you while at the same time keeping your job and making your commitments to your family.

Online colleges usually have less expensive tuition and fees since they do not have the necessary maintenance and costs associated with multiple buildings and an adequate campus. The lower cost, coupled with numerous loans, grants and scholarships make it very affordable for most individuals to attend classes who otherwise thought it might be impossible.

It is possible that your current employer has a tuition reimbursement program to help pay for your classes.  This is common for industries where earning a higher degree makes the person more valuable to the company.  Some common examples are healthcare facilities and educational facilities.  You will also be seen in a better light by management when they learn that you are seeking a higher degree on your own time.

When faced with a struggling economy, employers usually lay off the people with either the least amount of knowledge or outdated training.  Along with earning a promotion as well as increasing your pay rate, a higher degree can help insulate your position with the company. 

One good strategy is to complete a master’s degree in your field of work.  It will greatly improve your odds of landing a different job or advancing at your current company.

Advantages of Master’s Degree

The current job market is fiercely competitive.  Potential new hires are looking for every advantage to make them stand out and get noticed by managers.  A master’s degree is one of the best ways to show employers that you are serious about your field and your work.  The good thing is that on average a person with a master’s degree will gain about $10,000 more per year than people who have just a bachelor’s degree.

On the flip side, there are some jobs that require a minimum of a master’s degree just to be considered for employment.  Certain jobs such as administrative, management and research jobs require that the people have the specific knowledge that only comes from an advanced degree.  Along with the additional knowledge, managers prefer people with a master’s degree simply because it shows more determination and ambition in the person’s character.

If you wish to move into a completely different line of work, a master’s degree can make the transition much easier.  Many of the current online colleges provide numerous tips and strategies to help you make the move into your new career with as little trouble as possible.  Often times the requirement to apply for a master’s program is just a bachelor’s degree, even if it is in an unrelated field.

Examples of Advancing in a Career with a Master’s Degree

People who are currently teaching at the elementary or secondary level could move forward in their career with a master’s degree.  Teachers have many options to specialize in different areas of education such as instruction, early childhood education, secondary education and administration.  The specialization can provide new job possibilities as well as provide a higher income.

Licensed practical nurses, registered nurses and vocational nurses can move into new areas with a master’s degree.  Some examples are nurse science, family practical nursing or general nursing.  A master’s degree in nursing often provides people with the needed credentials to apply for management jobs in various healthcare facilities.  The really attractive jobs in private care that allow weekends off usually cater to nurses with a master’s degree.

The administrators who work in healthcare organizations are encouraged to also earn a master’s degree in order to stay current with the ever changing information in the healthcare industry.  People can earn a master’s degree in health and medical administrative services, medical and health management as well as healthcare administration in order to move up the corporate ladder.

Business degrees in various fields are still a very popular choice for people who wish to work towards a bachelor’s degree.  Not surprisingly, the master’s degree programs for various business disciplines are also quite popular.  One master’s degree that gets a lot of attention is the Master’s degree in Business Administration, also referred to as an MBA.  Often times the people that graduate with this degree are placed almost immediately into an assistant to a manager position in order to groom them for a quick promotion into management.  Many of these people also choose to start a company of their own.  Besides the MBA, there are also master’s degrees for fields such as finance, accounting, human resources and marketing.

All of the areas associated with computers are another popular choice for many people.  A master’s degree is available for computer science, computer programming and computer support services.  Often times the people with a master’s degree in one of these areas are quickly promoted to a management position over a small team of like minded individuals.